Welcome to Pretzel’s Beer Blog

Hi!  Welcome to Pretzel’s Beer Blog.  Pretzel is my nickname, given to me because I’m a little twisted and a little salty.  (Not really, but it makes for a much better story).  I love beer, although I do not consider myself a connoisseur by any means, since I like all beers with the exception of Budweiser.  I am inviting you to come along on my quest to find the best breweries, brew pubs, and beerfests in South Jersey.  Along the way, I will also share some beer trivia, history, and knowledge (after all I can’t be beer tasting every day!)  I will also introduce you to many of my friends, fellow beer lovers, who have decided to join me in this endeavor.  I invite you all to leave feedback, opinions, and suggested destinations, but let’s keep it constructive.  I will also post the schedules for our beer reviews, and if you’re in the neighborhood, join us!