Tuckahoe Brewing Company (Egg Harbor Twp)

Tuckahoe Brewing Company
 3092 English Creek Ave
 Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

Review Date: 7/22/17

The Beer Posse (minus B3 and Princess who were busy with the family celebrating Princess’ birthday) headed down to Egg Harbor to check out Tuckahoe Brewing Company.  This brewery has been on The Stoutmeister’s wish list, since tasting their “Kid’s Table” Milk Stout at last summer’s Cape May Beer and Craft Festival.

The facility was large, plenty of room for growth and expansion in the Brewing Room.  The bar area is lovely, with a nice bar in front of interior windows looking into the brewing room.  Plenty of tables to house small and large groups.  The room has a beachy feel and their logo sports a sailing ship.  I quite liked the logo, but The Rabbit was not so enamored of the design.  Of course, I can’t remember a single logo design that he did like.  Toward the end of our visit, The Wrangler tried to beat The Stoutmeister to the bathroom.  There was only 1 unisex bathroom, and being the end of the day, The Stoutmeister had already visited it 3 or 4 times.  The Wrangler sped past The Stoutmeister who decided instead to stop at the bar and buy a pint glass for his collection.  In her haste, The Wrangler miscalculated the location of the door, and kind of bounced off the door jam as she stumbled into the lavatory.

An impressive 14 beers were on tap, and the variety covered a wide range of brew types, alcohol content, and a few fruit flavored offerings thrown in for good measure.  Of course, The Stoutmeister complained about the Coffee Stout, and refused to partake of that brew, but that just left more for me!  Bonus!  I liked all the beer, including the Peaches Table Sour (and I’m no sour fan).  The only one I didn’t particularly like was the Quark barleywine which I thought tasted like a heavy cough medicine.  If I ever have a hard time sleeping, this might be my cure.  At 13% ABV it would knock anyone into a deep slumber in no time!  I did like the fact that they included the calorie count for each beer on the tasting menu for those of us concerned about watching our waistline, and I was surprised at the wide range of calorie counts 126 – 390.  So on my current 1500 cal/day diet I could drink 11 pints of Peaches Table Sour or maybe 10 Snack Session IPA’s since I’m not a huge sour fan and 11 might seem a little excessive,

As required by law, a tour is required.  The self-guided tour with literature served it’s purpose.  You are required to take a tour before partaking of alcohol brewed on the premises.  However, I did learn, you do not have to take a tour if you are buying take-out growlers for consumption elsewhere.  (I’ll just add that to my interesting factoid list).  But the highlight of the day, was our guided tour hosted by Chris Konicki.  The entire Beer Posse agreed that this was the best tour ever!  Chris’ opinions were honest and candid throughout the tour.  Instead of our standard questions on the brewing processes.  OK, so we actually did go through the standard dialogue, but we moved on to other related topics such as “What tastes better?  Kegs, on tap, bottles, or cans?”  According to Chris, kegs offer the purest tastes, since they have the least number of contact points in the process.  That being that the beer goes directly into the kegs, while bottling has a longer process with more touch points which could contaminate or alter the beer.  Then we had a lengthy discussion about bad batches of beer.  How do you detect a bad batch, what do you do with the tainted beer, etc.? Chris then pulled out a rejected bottle of beer and allowed us to smell and yes taste it.  Woo Hoo.  That was kinda cool.  How many breweries do you know who will share their rejects with you???  They have very high standards for their beer, but I didn’t think the reject was that bad.  I mean it wouldn’t be my first selection, or second, or third, but if I was out of anything decent, I would drink a pint or two out of desperation.  When I asked if the founders started out as home brewers, Chris told me Matt McDevitt (another founder of Tuckahoe) has been brewing since he was in college.  At which point I replied, “What a coincidence!  I’ve been drinking since I was in college, and I’m sure that was quite a bit longer than Matt has been brewing.”  So “Thanks Chris!  For the fantastic tour, and reject samples!”  I look forward to another road trip to Tuckahoe Brewing Company sometime in the future.

Beers on Tap

  • Rabbit Hole NJ Farmhouse Ale – Saison (ABV 6.0 %, 180 cal)
  • Marshallville Wit – Witbier (ABV 5.5%, 165 cal)
  • Soft J Belgian Pale Ale – Pale Ale (ABV 6.5%, IBU 35, 195 cal)
  • Snack Session IPA – Session IPA (ABV 4.6%, 45 IBU, 138 cal)
  • Quatrain – American IPA (ABV 6.7%, IBU 80, 201 cal)
  • Steelmantown Porter – Smoked Porter (ABV 6.5%, 195 cal)
  • Fete Du Roi – Belgian Strong Dark Ale (ABV 10.1%, 303 cal)
  • Reed’s Bay IPA – American IPA (ABV 6.2%, 186 cal)
  • Quark – American Barleywine (ABV 13%, IBU 55, 390 cal)
  • Peaches Table Sour – Sour Ale (ABV 4.2%, 126 cal)
  • New Brighton Coffee Stout – Russian Imperial Stout (ABV 9.0%, IBU 25, 270 cal)
  • Anglesea Irish Red Ale – Red Ale (ABV 5.3%, 159 cal)
  • Dennis Creek Pale Ale – American Pale Ale (ABV 6.0%, 180 cal)
  • Pineapple Mango Seltzer – Non-alcoholic (0 cal)


Favorite Beers of the Day

  • The Stoutmeister – Steelmantown Porter
  • The Rabbit – Steelmantown Porter
  • The Wrangler – Peaches Table Sour, Anglesea Irish Red Ale
  • Pretzel – Marshallville Wit


Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Stoutmeister – I was very disappointed that they did not have Kid’s Table on tap when we visited.  I remember this delectable brew from one of the many beer-fests we attended.
  • The Rabbit – Dark Fruit is a laxative
  • The Rabbit – Best beer tour ever taken!
  • Pretzel – Only 1 bathroom.  It was big, well lit, and clean.  However, when you force the sexes to share the facilities, the males tend to leave the seat up, much to the females chagrin!


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