The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival 2022 (Atlantic County)

Bader Field
545 N. Albany Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Date: 6/4/2022

Reported by:  Pretzel

Reviewers:  Pretzel, The Stoutmeister, B3, The Queen of Funk, The Rabbit, The Noodle, The Mole Slayer, Young Guns

The Beer Posse headed once again to Bader field to enjoy another AWESOME Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival produced by our friends at Good Times Tricycle Production.  This is the 16th year for this annual fun-fest, and it did not disappoint.  A few things have changed this year.  The festival is now 2 sessions, down from the previous 4 sessions.  I was worried that this would cause long lines and wait time for the beer, but the lines were short and moved quite quickly.  The longest lines were for the port-a-potties, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining.  The Hops Trot 5K was moved from Saturday to Sunday.

I prefer the Bader field location to the previous Convention Center locale for several reasons.  The Convention Center sessions seemed to be crowded, and it was easy to lose track of your drinking buddies.  At Bader field, the venue is so large (it used to be an airport), that everything is spread out.  At the Convention Center is would be so incredibly LOUD if you were anywhere near the bandstand!  Not so at Bader field, where the bandstand is set off to one-side of the field, and you only get blasted out if you are close by to enjoy the bands!  Also at Bader field you are outside and can enjoy the weather on nice days.  This year the temperature was comfortable, and there was a nice breeze coming off the nearby waterway.  Of course, it could also be a detriment if the weather is ungodly hot or raining.  But hey, we’re there for the beer and the weather won’t stop The Beer Posse!  Plus Bader field has a plethora of seating available under their huge tents.  The Convention Center had somewhat limited seating areas.

So, The Beer Posse all meets up at the entrance, while our dedicated Designated Drivers (DD’s) Princess and Nanny Franny kick their charges to the curb, and head for the shopping outlets in downtown Atlantic City.  I had knee replacement surgery in January, so I was able to use my temporary handicap placard to get a parking spot close to the front entrance!  SWEET!  Especially since I knew there would be a lot of walking, and I am still gimping slowly along.  Well as soon as we got inside, the rest of The Beer Posse ditched The Stoutmeister and I, which I totally understand.  As B3 says, “If you go around with Pretzel at a beer fest, you end up being her personal celebrity photographer.  Yes, it’s true, I dress up for beer fests, wearing my beer hat, beer glass overlay, cape with all the South Jersey brewery logos printed on it, beer socks, beer shorts, beer & pretzel earrings, and my favorite hang-painted beer and pretzel shoes.  So I do get a lot of fellow beer-lovers asking to get photos with me.  Maybe I should start charging people like they do in Time’s Square….  NAH!

The beer fest activities included:

  • The Silent Disco – you are given headphones with music playing and just dance.  Spectators do not hear the music, so it’s pretty funny to watch.  I myself do not need the headphones, I can just dance to the music in my head as long as the voices in my head don’t talk over the music.
  • Keg Toss – I understand Young Guns and The Rabbit participated in this, but were not very impressive
  • Giant Cornhole
  • Axe Throwing
  • Blowups to test your basketball and football skills
  • Music at the Bandstand – featuring New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Four Year Strong, Goalkeeper, and Be Well.  The Acoustic stage included Away Game, Cult Tides, Last Minut, Suburban Sensi, Cat Manning, All Systems Go, Familiar Things, and Dylan Calvelli.  I’m sorry to say, I am always so focused on the beer, I forget it’s also a music festival.
  • Carnival acts – The theme this year was a carnival and included clowns, stilt-walkers and aerialists.  But don’t worry, the aerialists were no more than 8 feet off the ground, although they did perform without a net!

As The Stoutmeister and I continued our search for the best tasting beers, the rest of The Beer Posse was in pursuit of quantity, not quality.  This is what happens when you let people hang out with The Rabbit.  Meanwhile, I start getting texts and pictures of The Noodle (my son) from B3.  Apparently, he was hungry, and was too lazy to walk all the way over to the food trucks, so he asked the vendor selling dog items if the dog biscuits were edible for humans.  He was told they were, so he bought and ate one.

So The Beer Posse survived another AC Beer and Music Festival!  Thanks Good Time Tricycle Productions for another successful event!  See you next year!

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Devil’s Creek – Buzzinga berry sour.  Ok, I thought it looked gross, kinda like a green kale shake.  But YUM!!!!
  • The Stoutmeister – Devil’s Creek – Buzzinga berry sour
  • B3 – Devil’s Creek – Buzzinga berry sour
  • The Rabbit – Devil’s Creek – Buzzinga berry sour
  • The Queen of Funk – I don’t remember.  After about 5 beers, my taste buds died
  • The Noodle – I liked the pickle beer, but I don’t remember which brewery it belonged to.  The seltzers were also good.


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