Somers Point Brewing Company (Somers Point, Atlantic County)

Somers Point Brewing Company
705 W New York Ave
Somers Point, NJ 08244

Review Date:  7/31/2021

Reported by:  Pretzel

Reviewers:  Pretzel, The Stoutmeister, Princess, B3, The Mole Slayer, The Rabbit

I just gotta say, it was so nice to have half The Beer Posse in attendance for our review of Somers Point Brewing Company.   So we all got in our cars and headed down the shore on a hot, but beautiful Saturday afternoon in August.

The first thing I noticed about SoPo, was that they have a very minimal parking area – 9 spots plus 1 handicap spot.  The Stoutmeister and I were lucky that we found the last available parking spot!  The outside seating area ran along the front side of the brewery, with a nice awning to keep your ass from getting fried in the summer sun!  The inside provided several options for seating – stools at the bar, tables, high-tops, and a lounging area with a small sofa.  There were 2 unisex bathrooms, which would usually be adequate for the size of the brewery, but while we were there, a City Brew tour bus pulled up, and I swear the entire bus made a beeline for the bathrooms (obviously SoPo was not their first stop).  Princess found that 1 of the facilities was not working properly and was leaking.   I must have lucked out and randomly picked the working bathroom.  Bonus!  Princess also fussed about the tour group leaving the toilet seat up.  Yuk!!

We snagged a nice high top table to accommodate our group of 6, and perused the beer menu.  We had to go up to the bar to order our libations, and Tanya and Marion the friendly beer-tenders took great care of us.  12 taps were pouring quite a nice variety of beers plus 1 seltzer (I’m not really a seltzer person, but the others liked it, so I’ll mention it in passing).  Several of the Posse loved the Little Fish Session IPA, which is quite unusual since many of them are not IPA people.  It was also nice seeing a beer menu that was not overly populated with IPA’s.   B3 tried to get me to try the seltzer:

B3:  Pretzel, want to taste the seltzer? (he said as he passed me his glass)

Pretzel:  No!

B3:  It’s actually not bad!  Try it!

Pretzel:  No, I’ve got my standards!  Besides, we’re The Beer Posse, not The Seltzer Posse.

As usual, I got the last word in.

Later, Tanya offered to give us a tour of the brewing area.  She was informative, and did a nice tour.  She did however, ask me, why I had carried 2 of my flight tasters on the tour.  So I had to explain the culture of The Beer Posse, which is, any beer left unattended is fair game.  If I had left my beer on the table, it would be gone by the time I got back.  And asking someone to guard your beer doesn’t work, it’s like giving the fox the keys to the hen house as the expression goes.  I once tried to have one of our non-drinking Designated Drivers guard my beer, but some sneaky Beer Posse member distracted her, and another gulped down my beer.  So NEVER leave your beer unattended!  Take it with you or finish it before you leave the table!  And don’t be fooled if one of the Beer Posse asks to a little sip or taste of your beer.  They don’t know the definition of sip, and you may find yourself heading up to the bar for a refill of a drink you didn’t even get a taste of.

So The Beer Posse spent a delightful afternoon hanging out at Somers Point Brewing Company, tasting ALL their beers, and playing a few table-top games of Cornhole and Suspend.  It’s definitely a place we will visit again.  Thanks for your hospitality Marion and Tanya.  See you soon.

Beers on Tap:

  • Big Nose Blonde Ale – Blonde Ale (ABV: 5.9%)
  • SP Hefe 50 – Hefeweizen (ABV: 6%)
  • 7th Street – Saison (ABV: 7%)
  • Little Fish- Session IPA (ABV: 3.2%)
  • Flake News – New England IPA (ABV: 6.4%)
  • Norwegian AF – Pale Ale (ABV: 5.5%)
  • Causeway Racer – Stout (ABV: 5.3%)
  • Pucker Factor – Sour (ABV: 5.6%)
  • Josie Kelly’s – Irish Red (ABV: 4.5%)
  • Pakeha Pilz – Pilsner (ABV: 5.9%)
  • Gretel’s Kettle – Xmas in July Nitro (ABV: 8.8%)
  • Training Wheels Seltzer – Mango Seltzer (ABV: 5.9%)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • B3 – Josie Kelly’s Irish Red
  • The Mole Slayer – Little Fish Session IPA, “Subtle, hint of citrus – Very Good!”
  • The Stoutmeister – Josie Kelly’s Irish Red, Little Fish Session IPA; “It is very rare for me to like an IPA, but Little Fish is something I can really take.”
  • Pretzel – 7th St. Saison, Little Fish IPA – “Great IPA, not overwhelmingly bitter as many IPAs are.
  • The Rabbit – Causeway Racer Stout, Little Fish Session IPA

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Rabbit – Due to limitations in the number of bathrooms, lines form quickly with a relative low number of patrons.
  • The Rabbit – Open 7 days a week!
  • The Stoutmeister – There was not a single beer I disliked, but nothing that I would go back for either.
  • Princess – I appreciate the non-alcoholic option of root beer.  Kudos!!
  • Princess – Men left the toilet seat up – Yuk!!
  • The Mole Slayer – 13 on tap, and it’s not IPA heavy!
  • The Mole Slayer – Nice variation of seating type – tables, Hi-boys, and lounge areas.
  • B3 – Like that they offer 5 oz. tasters.
  • B3 – Food trucks would have been nice. (The Stoutmeister – But where can the food trucks park?)
  • Pretzel – The t-shirt were in a variety of nice colors and included women’s cuts.  However, it would be nice if there were more size options.


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Overall Pretzel Score (8.21 out of 10):  

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