Red White & Brew Beer Company (Audubon, Camden County)

Red White & Brew Beer Company
100 West Merchant Street
Audubon, NJ  08106

Reported by:  Pretzel

Date of Review:  5/7/23

Reviewers:  Pretzel, The Stoutmeister

What better way to spend a nice Spring day, then a visit to a South Jersey brewery???  (Don’t bother answering, that was a rhetorical question).  So The Stoutmeister and I headed down to or should I say over to Audubon to do a brewery review of Red White & Brews.  Now we have visited Red White & Brew a year and a half ago, and were somewhat underwhelmed at the time.  We thought they were just OK.  Boy did our opinion change!  The exceeded our expectations as you will see.

So the Stoutmeister and I decided to sit at the bar and order a couple of flights.  At that moment, about 30 people came out of the back room, and screamed “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs when the apparent Birthday-Girl walked into the brewery.  Since they were all outside of my peripheral vision, it scared me half (no make that three-quarters) to death, that I almost pee’d myself!  Ok, it was just a little dribble, but at my age, don’t scare me or make me laugh too hard.  It’s not a pretty sight!  While Mel, our beertender was taking care of the birthday party, her husband decided to help out and tend bar.  Oy, don’t give up your day job bro!  I mean, what man has never poured beer from a tap?  Did you not go to college?  Any way, it took him a little while to get the flights poured, and The Stoutmeister and I had a discussion about the ethnicity of the birthday group.  I thought they were either Hawaiian or Filipino.  The Stoutmeister was sure they were Hawaiian (and since he himself is Filipino, I took hi work for it).  BUT NO!  So as The Stoutmeister went to the bathroom for the 4th time…  As he says, IPA stands for “I Pee A lot”, he struck up a conversation with some of the party-goers.  They were Filipino!  Of course they didn’t recognize him as Filipino either, so I guess they are even.  I stopped over to join in the conversation, but I quickly got bored as everyone was talking in Tagalog.  The only Tagalog I have mastered is “I have to pee” which comes in handy at long boring family dinners.  Well, the birthday girl invited us to help ourselves to their Filipino buffet!  AWESOME!  They had Lechon, Pancit, and Lumpia Shanghai, all my favorites.  So I made a beeline to the buffet and filled up my plate!  YUMMMMM!

Once we made it back to the bar for our next round of flights.  We do make it a habit of trying ALL the beers on tap, and even some that are only available in cans.  Mel, our beertender was back behind the bar (thank goodness).  I think she fired her husband.  Mel was great.  She gave us the background on several of their beers including Temple of Hathor which she assisted in brewing and was our favorite of the day!  We even bought a 4-pack to take home to share with our friends (or not!).  In fact, Temple of Hathor is my #1 on my top 5 list for this year (so far).

Mel also gave us a taste of “I can’t Oat for That” Imperial Brown Ale which was her first attempt at brewing.  She thought it was terrible (so then why would you give it to us to taste?).  I actually liked it, and I think maybe she was just too hard on herself.

We’ll definitely head back to Red, White, and Brews in the future!  Great atmosphere, great staff, great clients, and of course great beer!  Thanks to Mel for your hospitality.


Beers on Tap:

  • Rosie Red – Amber Ale (ABV: 6%, IBU: 37)
  • Checks & Balances – IPA (ANV: 6.5%, IBU: 65)
  • Give Me Liberty – Kolsch (ABS: 5.5%, IBU: 40)
  • Peer Pressure – Hard Seltzer (ABV: 6.4%)
  • Wittelsbach Loophole – Hefeweizen (ABV: 5.1%, IBU: 11)
  • Paul’s Midnight Ride – Porter (ABV: 5.0%, IBU: 30)
  • Vapor Transmissions – Hazy Pale Ale (ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 69))
  • Temple of Hathor – IPA with Curuba and Pink Boots Hop Blend (ABV: 7%, IBU: 69)
  • Blood of Cu Chulamn – Irish Red Ale (ABV: 5.4%,IBU: 22)
  • Boffo Poffo – Cream Ale (ABV: 4.6%, IBU: 69)
  • CANS ONLY – I Can’t Oat for That – Imperial Oatmeal Brown Ale (ABV: 8.9%, IBU: 0)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Temple of Hathor, Vapor Transmissions
  • The Stoutmeister – Temple of Hathor

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Stoutmeister – This place exceeded my expectations considering that I have been here before!
  • The Stoutmeister – I am not a fan of IPA’s, but these people know how to brew IPA’s
  • Pretzel – I love their logo so much, it is on my “Breweries of South Jersey” t-shirt quilt.


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Overall Pretzel Score (8.96 out of 10):  

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