Guest Reviewers

I’d like to introduce you to our guest reviewers!  These experts have joined The Beer Posse in our quest for find the best beer in South Jersey.  Each has their quirks, or should we say challenges???  Check back periodically, as this list will grow as friends and family join in to help us review South Jersey’s finest Brew Pubs, Breweries, and Beer fests.

Bock to The Future – These 2 time travelers are currently taking a tour of the best beer across history.  They started the tour in ancient Egypt, but found these first beers to be a little harsh.  Next stop was the middle ages, where they ended up quarantined due to the outbreak of the black plague.  At least beer was safer to drink during this time than the local water.  Bock to the Future made a stop by the USA during Prohibition, but their meddling in trying to end this dirge ended up extending Prohibition by another 5 years.  You should never muck with history’s timeline!

The Noodle – The son of Pretzel and The Stoutmeister is big into physical fitness.  He continues to expand his range of beer having spent his early adulthood indulging in horrible low-end beers like Malt 45 and Coors light.  But he’s learning!

Sea Shell – South Jersey girl with a passion for the ocean, the beach, and good beer.  I work hard during the week and live for the weekend doing fun things with the love of my life & partner in crime, Nitro!

Nitro – I was Texas born & raised, but found a home in South Jersey.  I love good BBQ, good Beer, and my lovely partner in crime, Sea Shell.  History fan, world traveler, and baseball fan!  I enjoy trying new beers as often as possible and try to avoid Big Brewery Beers at all cost.  I prefer to support local small breweries.  “Life is too short to drink Bad Beer!”  In the words of Ben Franklin, “Beer is proof that God loves us!”

The Tinkler – The Tinkler is our next potential Beer Posse Member, having joined us in 2 reviews so far.  She is one of our beloved Designated Drivers (DDs) and brings enthusiasm and a unique expertise to our group.  Her main responsibility at our reviews is checking out the restroom facilities.  As if you couldn’t have guessed that from her moniker.  She is quite diligent in her assignment, and checks out all aspects of the ladies room (and in some instances, the men’s room) including cleanliness, decor, comfort (nobody likes a cold toilet seat), location, and facilities.  An important task indeed!  She is married to The Good Neighbor.


Shoe Fly – Meet our newest Designated Driver (DD).  Daughter of Princess and B3, Shoe Fly is a true artist and entrepreneur.  She creates custom painted shoes through her Etsy shop and Facebook page “Shoe Inkies”.  Pretzel is her best customer having commissioned Mah Jongg and Pretzel/Beer themed footwear.  Shoe Fly also creates costumes and attends Geek fests and Comicon conventions.  Shoe Fly’s hair is her most interesting feature, and in one week it ranged from red, purple, black, and orange.


The Queen of Life – Not much detail is available for the Queen of Life.  Rumor has it that she is currently in the Witness Protection Program having ratted out a notorious gang of Girl Scout leaders who were running a large Ponzi scam based on Girl Scout cookie sales.