Meet the Reviewers

I’d like to introduce you to my beer posse!  These experts have joined me in my quest for find the best beer in South Jersey.  Each has their quirks, or should we say challenges???  Check back periodically, as this list will grow as friends and family join in to help us review South Jersey’s finest Brew Pubs, Breweries, and Beer fests.

The StoutmeisterThe Stoutmeister – My husband, and main minion, he is happily joining in my beer quest.  He prefers the dark beers and European served-room-temperature beers, and absolutely hates overly carbonated beers.  He is happy to expound on his beer philosophy and opinions to anyone within earshot.  He is not particularly known for his good taste (he married me after all!)  If you see him at a pub or brewery, don’t worry, he won’t bite, well…  not hard any way.

PrincessPrincess – called this because of her obsession with Disney princesses.  Princess is a non-drinker (not because of any anti-drinking philosophy, just because she doesn’t like the taste) and one of our DD’s (Designated Driver).  I cannot emphasize enough the value of a good DD.  Besides if we didn’t have her, we’d have to take turns being the DD, and that would be torture.  Princess is married to B3.

Beer Buddy BertB3 – which stands for Beer Buddy Bert.  Say it 3 times fast, and it sounds like “Beer Belly Bert”, doesn’t it?  LoL.  Bert is a good judge of beer taste, although he often drinks Blue Moon which I consider a girlie-beer.  And as I’ve said, it takes a strong man to drink a girlie-beer.  So I mean that as a true compliment.


The Queen of Funk – Peg joined/formed a group known as “The Queens” in the Washington DC area around 2005.  She herself has come to be known as the “Queen of Funk” given her eclectic taste for the contemporary and unusual (which makes her a perfect candidate for Pretzel’s beer posse).  The Queen of Funk, sister of Pretzel, has been an official beer-taster for decades, having traveled the world over during her service as an US Naval Officer.  “Let the drinking begin!”

 JohnMACbeer – This husband and wife team had to tag-team on a brewery review, due to their inability to drink more than 1 pint at a time before taking an afternoon nap.  MAC is one of my friends from beforeJohnMACbeer kindergarten, living around the corner from me growing up, and willing to put up with all my shenanigans. In spite of it all, she still manages to remain one of my dearest friends.  So obviously, we need to question her judgement.  John’s only comment on the review was regarding Food/snacks where he commented “Favorite snack is my tongue licking my lips.  Yummy!”  Ok, so maybe we need to question his judgement as well.  Hmmm.


The Rabbit – appropriately named, The Rabbit is the Energizer Bunny on steroids.  He is unable to keep still, and runs (or hops) here and there, but always returns to the fold.  He is often distracted by bright, shiny, objects; his attention span being somewhat lacking (or nonexistent).  While the other members of the posse value quality over quantity, The Rabbit (who is an accountant and a numbers guy), tends to steer the other way – quantity over quality.  At the AC Beer Fest, he was definitely the “Hare” while the rest of us were more “Tortoises”.


Nanny Franny is another of our illustrious, and revered DD’s (Designated Driver).  Whereas Princess will sit herself down at a brewery and proceed to read or play Words with Friends, Nanny Franny follows her charges throughout the venues ensuring that they do not get into any mischief or fall victim to any heinous crime.  Well, come to think of it, she’s more of a stalker than a Nanny.  I’ve considered taking out a restraining order against her, but hey, good DD’s are hard to find.  I must say it is a little creepy though when at the end of a day, she recounts (and accurately, I might add) how many times The Stoutmeister and I made bathroom visits.


Shoe Fly – Meet our newest Designated Driver (DD).  Daughter of Princess and B3, Shoe Fly is a true artist and entrepreneur.  She creates custom painted shoes through her Etsy shop and Facebook page “Shoe Inkies”.  Pretzel is her best customer having commissioned Mah Jongg and Pretzel/Beer themed footwear.  Shoe Fly also creates costumes and attends Geek fests and Comicon conventions.  Shoe Fly’s hair is her most interesting feature, and in one week it ranged from red, purple, black, and orange.


The Wrangler – Beloved wife of The Rabbit, The Wrangler is a great addition to the beer posse.  She has discerning taste in beer (but obviously not in friends), and is an athletic trainer (so if any of the beer posse suffer from tennis elbow from lifting too many pints, she is there to take care of us!).  I am assuming she will be the bodyguard of our group, and wrangle us in if any of us get into trouble.  Yeah, it’s bound to happen!


The Queen of Life – Not much detail is available for the Queen of Life.  Rumor has it that she is currently in the Witness Protection Program having ratted out a notorious gang of Girl Scout leaders who were running a large Ponzi scam based on Girl Scout cookie sales.