Manafirkin Brewing Company (Manahawken, Ocean County)


Manafirkin Brewing Company
450 E. Bay Ave
Manahawken, NJ  08050

Review Date:  07/14/19

Reported by: Pretzel

We’re branching out a little, beer friends.  I’m going to start adding some video tidbits to these reviews.  Let me know what you think.

A subset of the Beer Posse (Pretzel, The Stoutmeister, The Rabbit, and The Good Neighbor) headed up to Manafirkin in Ocean County on a very hot and humid Sunday afternoon.  We were looking forward to a variety of ice cold beers.  Once we arrived, the brewery was open air, with ceiling fans, and enough air conditioning to make the temperature perfectly comfortable.  There are picnic tables, plenty of bar seating, and a nice cross-sectional wood table.  I made a quick run to the bathroom before ordering my flight.  There are 2 unisex bathrooms complete with keg urinals.  LOVE THEM!  Of course, it’s nothing that I can use directly but it’s still cool.

So on to the beer selection.  There were 23 beers on tap, and 2 beer slushie options.  The beer slushie concept was appealing, especially on a hot July afternoon.  The slushies weren’t my favorite.  Yes, they were very cold, but the beer flavor was somewhat watered down.  We proceeded to try all the available on tap brews, sharing our flights and discussing out favorites.  So let’s see what The Rabbit and The Good Neighbor think:

Good Neighbor:  This beer is interesting.  The beer flavor changes while you drink it.  It tastes like coconut at first, and then a different aftertaste occurs.

Pretzel:  Are you sure that aftertaste is not your denture glue?

The Rabbit: This one has a hint of pumpkin spice.

Pretzel:  Wasn’t Pumpkin Spice one of the Spice Girls?

The Rabbit:  Yes, but they had to kick her out, she was only seasonal.

Pretzel:  The Reason Your Glass is a little boozy.  Just like I’m a little boozy.

The Rabbit gives her an incredulous look!

Pretzel:  I said I’m a little boozy, not a little floozy!

The Good Neighbor:  You’re a Boozy Floozy!

They have a wide variety of brews, everyone should be able to find something that will excite their taste buds, with a wide range of ABV’s ranging from 3.9% to 10%.  I do need to point out however, that the Bennies IPA is misnamed.  It should be Shoobies IPA.  Since I consider Central Jersey to be a myth, there are basically 2 regions in the state – North Jersey and South Jersey.  South Jersey consisting of the lower 8 counties (Atlantic, Ocean, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, Burlington, and Camden).  Therefore Manafirkin falls into our South Jersey realm.  Bennies and Shoobies for those who aren’t familiar with the term, refers to day-trippers at the Jersey shore.  Bennies is the North Jersey term, while Shoobies belong to the South Jersey dialect.  I brought this fact up to Sean, the bartender and he made a good point.  Most of their customers speak North Jersey dialects, so they market to their customer base.

We managed to get Sean to give us an informative tour of the brewing area once the crowds thinned out a bit.  He was the only one at the bar, so we couldn’t drag him away and leave the bar unattended.  He was very knowledgeable and interesting.  They give their spent grains to a cemetery which uses them as fertilizer.  That’s new.  Whereas many give/sell their spent grain to local farmers for pig slop, Sean said the nearby farms did not want their grain.  So they found another good use for it!  He also gave us a sample of the Blueberry Ale that is going to be released soon.  YUM!

Beers on Tap:

  • Vanilla Nice – Cream Ale (ABV: 6.5%)
  • Raisin Your Glass – Fig & Raisin fruit beer (ABV: 8.5%)
  • Coconut Coffee Cobra Kai PA – American IPA (7.6%, 7 IBU)
  • Sig Happens – Farmhouse Ale (ABV: 6.1%, 23 IBU)
  • Quat’s Going on – Kumquat sour (ABV: 4.5%)
  • Luke I am Your Hopper – Black IPA (ABV: 7.1%)
  • Clint Yeastwood Go Ahead, Make my IPA – American IPA (ABV: 5.9%, 41 IBU)
  • Quik Escape – Hefeweizen (ABV: 5.8%)
  • Ju Sea Shore – American IPA
  • Disc Head – American Pale Ale (ABV: 4.2%, 70 IBU)
  • A Lil Bit – English Bitter (ABV: 3.9%, 36 IBU)
  • Lady Lah-Lah – American Lager (ABV: 5%, 32 IBU)
  • Hazy Hops and Humid – NE IPA (ABV: 7%, 85 IBU)
  • Done in a Jiffy – American Porter (ABV: 5.8%, 34 IBU)
  • Good KARMAmile – American Pale Wheat (ABV: 6%)
  • Bang A Wicked ‘Uey – NE IPA (ABV: 7.2%, 5 IBU)
  • Haze What’s Up? – NE IPA (ABV: 6.3%, 45 IBU)
  • Kalsch Kolsch (ABV: 7.4%, 27 IBU)
  • Trippin Monkey – Belgian Tripel (ABV: 9%, 35 IBU)
  • Nice Cream – Cream Ale (ABV: 6.5%, 17 IBU)
  • Leland’s Law – Imperial IPA (ABV: 10%, 92 IBU)
  • Wake the Firk up! – Oatmeal Stout (ABV: 7.8%, 32 IBU)
  • Bennies – IPA (ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 84)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • The Stoutmeister – Done in a Jiffy (Peanut Porter)
  • Pretzel – Coconut Coffee Cobra Kai (IPA) and Done in a Jiffy (Peanut Porter)
  • The Rabbit – Done in a Jiffy (Peanut Porter)
  • The Good Neighbor – The Blueberry Beer we sampled on the tour (not yet released), and The Coconut Coffee Cobra Kai (IPA)

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Good Neighbor – This is only the 2nd brewery that gave us a free tasting during the tour.  Loved the Blueberry beer!
  • The Good Neighbor – Love the barn wood country look
  • The Stoutmeister -There was only 1 bartender on duty, which made it difficult to get a live brewery tour.
  • The Stoutmeister – Keg Urinals!  Yeah!
  • The Rabbit – Sean was very nice  and knowledgeable.  He gave a great tour.
  • The Rabbit – Done in a Jiffy was in the slushie machine.  The machine makes the beer too watered down.
  • Pretzel – I’m Mana-freaking!  (in response to Ken placing a piece on the game Suspend)


Manafirkin Brewing Company –

Overall Pretzel Score (8.24 out of 10): 

Final Scorecard (click to open): ManfirkinBrewingCompany

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