Lunacy Brewing Company (Haddon Heights, Camden County)

Lunacy Brewing Company
1500 Kings Hwy
Haddon Heights, NJ  08035

Review Date: 02/16/18

Reported by: Pretzel

Since The Stoutmeister came home early from work, we decide to conduct a brewery review on a rainy Friday afternoon.  So, with great anticipation we headed up to Haddonfield to check out the newly opened King’s Road Brewing Company.  After driving around the block several times, we managed to snag a parking spot in a free public lot (bonus!).  We walked half a block in light rain, to discover that King’s Road is closed for President’s weekend!  Hey next time, post it on your website and save us the aggravation!  UGHHH!  So not to waste a road trip, we head on over to Haddon Heights to re-review Lunacy Brewing.  Lunacy moved to Haddon Heights from Magnolia recently, plus they were one of our first reviews and we have improved vastly since our earlier days, so we wanted to give them a second look-see.

It’s very easy to miss!  We must have driven past the innocuous warehouse several times before we noticed the sign.  So we pulled in to the somewhat minuscule parking lot and tried the front door.  No luck.  We found our way to the back of the building, following several Lunacy pointer signs, past potholes you could drown in, past chain link fences and dumpsters, ground covered with straw to soak counteract the high water table to an industrial door with a small Lunacy sign that reminded me of a speak-easy or illegal gambling den.  Then we entered an industrial tasting room.  Lunacy keeps very much to it’s own identity.  I could swear they picked up the brewery from Magnolia, and plopped it down in Haddon Heights.  I do love the tin covered bar.  It is a little bigger than the old place, and could use a few more chairs and tables, but overall it is very inviting.  Lunacy has the best use of electronics of any brewery we’ve visited so far.  A beautiful large round logo sits under a big screen TV continuously showing their virtual tour, pictures of their founders, cute beer sayings, and an advertisement for their Asylum Club.   There are also 2 large screens depicting their tasting menu, with a Philadelphia Eagles background (YES, THE EAGLES WON THE SUPER BOWL!  WOO HOO!  ’bout time, just sayin’).  The menus have a scrolling information stream along the bottom that feeds Lunacy review information from one of my favorite beer apps Untapped.  Love this!

On to the brews!  They had a nice large menu of 15 beers on tap.  But once again, we found it overstocked with IPA’s.  But within their IPA selection, there was a nice assortment.  As The Stoutmeister remarked, “I was never a fan of IPA until now since their new IPA brews are very smooth.”  I asked Ed, one of the owners, why they had such a plethora of IPA’s?  His response was …  (wait for it) …  “We brew for our own palates first.  And we like IPA’s.”  Wow, I really respect that answer.  It shows the passion they have for brewing.  Plus they have a nice assortment of IPA’s including American style, Triples, White, Imperial, and New England style, so there is plenty of variety.  Throw in a couple Dark Ales, Belgian Blonde, Stout, and Porter, and it’s a nice offering.  As I was finishing my flight, I wanted to get my name up on the monitor, so I pulled up my Untapped app on my phone, and decided to rate the HalfWit which I quite enjoyed.  Didn’t think this one all the way through.  A few minutes later, the Untapped feed refreshed on the monitors, and there is my picture and name next to it a rather large HALFWIT.  Oh, well, I’ve been called worse!  There were several bathrooms available, all clean, and not freezing as in the old facility.  No complaints here, except for whoever left the seat up prior to my use.  But I blame that on the patrons.  It was probably The Stoutmeister, but I just can’t prove that, so I’ll have to let that go for now.  But I’ll keep my eye on him!

Lunacy’s clientele seemed to match the old place with families and several children running around the place.  I am not a fan of kids hanging out in breweries as you all well know, but they we well-behaved and monitored by attentive parents.  Ed gave us a quick tour of the brewing room.  They are in the process of installing larger boilers and other equipment.  It amazes me how much product they have been able to produce from their smaller apparatus.  We discussed Lunacy’s QA process, and Ed brought up a good point.  Unless the ingredients have gone bad, any mistakes make in the brewing process just produces a different blend of beer than originally intended.  So maybe this IPA turns into a sour.  It’s still a worthy brew.  (except for the fact, that I don’t like sours, but that’s besides the point).

I gotta say, Lunacy is a great place to hang out with family and friends.  It still feels industrial, kind of like someone’s garage, or a frat house.  It’s heavy on IPA’s, but all the offerings are very tasty.   Lunacy stays stays true to their original vision.  Well done!  I look forward to seeing you next month at the Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival!

Beers on Tap:

  • Hopwhacked IPA – American IPA (ABV: 7.8%, IBU: 96)
  • Lunatic’s Descention – Imperial IPA (ABV: 8.5%, IBU: 106)
  • Sanitarium Double IPA – Imperial IPA (ABV: 8.7%, IBU: 84)
  • Mrs. Claus Draus – Belgian Strong Dark Ale (ABV: 10.1%, ABV: 33)
  • Evil Eye Rye – American IPA (ABV: 6.7%, IBU: 55)
  • Triumphant Triple – Triple IPA (ABV: 10.5%, IBU: 122)
  • Dark Circle Black IPA – Black IPA (ABV: 10%, IBU: 79)
  • Beautiful Baby’s Belgian Blonde – Blonde Ale (ABV: 7%, IBU: 29)
  • Brewtus Juice – New England IPA (ABV: 8%, IBU: 71)
  • King Citra – American IPA (ABV: 8%, IBU: 96)
  • HalfWit – White IPA (ABV: 6.7%, IBU: 35)
  • Yo Mama’s Pajamas w Sage – American IPA (ABV: 7.1%, IBU: 63)
  • Chocolate Coconut Stout – American Stout (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 31)
  • C-3PA – American IPA (ABV: 7%, IBU: 87)
  • Coffee Porter – Porter (ABV: 7.4%, IBU: 44)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Chocolate Coconut Stout
  • The Stoutmeister – Chocolate Coconut Stout

Additional Posse Comments:

  • Pretzel – Best use of electronics I have seen.  Great beer menu with tie into Untapped.  Good virtual tour.
  • The Stoutmeister – I was never a fan of IPAs until now.  Their new IPA brews were very smooth.


Overall Pretzel Score (8.52 out of 10):   

Final Scorecard (Click to open):  LunacyBrewingCoHH

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