Frye Brewing (Point Pleasant, Ocean County)

Frye Brewing
2257 Bridge Ave
Point Pleasant, NJ  08742

Review Date:  02/22/2020

Reported by:  Pretzel

The Stoutmeister and I decided to take a road trip up to Point Pleasant to review Frye Brewing Company.  We had stopped by last summer during our Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival beer passport trek.  Frye is owned by Colleen and Mike Frye, who were so hospitable to us last summer, that we knew our review was overdue.

Frye is a cute Jersey shore-themed brewery located in a small strip mall.  I actually called it “beachy-themed” originally, but my spell checker kept changing it to bitchy-themed, and that just did not seem appropriate!  Parking is a bit of a challenge with on-street parking, and a few spaces on the side of the building.  Since I am currently in a walking boot do to some minor foot surgery, it was a bit of a challenge since the parking is on an incline, and the pavement is uneven.  But I persevered, since I knew some delectable libations were waiting for me around the corner.  The seating includes bar seating, picnic tables, and high tops.  For a small space, it feels open, airy, comfortable, and spacious.  The equipment area is small but functional, and is located in the back area near the bar.  After the required speed tour of the brewing area by Colleen, The Stoutmeister and I were anxious to get to our flights.

This day, there were 14 beers on tap.  That is quite impressive given their small brewing set up.  I must say, all the beers were very tasty.  I loved the Amber Apple Pie Ale.  It smelled and tasted just like apple pie.  YUM!  The Stoutmeister’s fav was the Velvet Chainsaw (which as a side note would make a great name for a punk rock band!) an Imperial Brown Ale.  This was my second favorite.  The only criticism I have is for the Peanut Butter Stout.  As a stout it was good, but I could not taste the peanut butter.  Everything else was great!  Their logo says it all!  “Very Good Beer”.  The beer was so good, The Stoutmeister and I decided to fill up a few growlers with our favorites.  Alas, the Velvet Chainsaw and Amber Apple Pie were made in small batches, and were not available for growler-fills.    But Colleen filled me 2 pint cans of Amber Apple Pie for take-out, probably because she was sick of listening to my wailing in the corner!   Poor Stoutmeister was out of luck!  As a side note to the rest of the Beer Posse.  The Amber Apple Pie will NOT be shared at the next Beer Posse outing.  It is going into my secret Pretzel stash of best beers, that I will enjoy on a rainy day.  Thanks Colleen!

The rest of our visit we spent chatting with other clients, who were all so very friendly, and playing 80’s Trivial Pursuit.  I must be getting old, because I remember nothing of the 80’s and those were my prime days!  The Stoutmeister who didn’t even come to the states until the 1980’s gave me a run for my money, but we were both pretty lame.  Guess I won’t be picking that game for our next game night!

We did not bother Colleen for an extended brewery tour since she was pretty busy with her customers, but we did get to chat a little about possible future growth into an adjoining store or possibly adding a second story.  Colleen also hopes to retire from her “day” job at some point, and focus on the brewery full time.

Thanks for all your hospitality Frye Brewing.  I hope to visit again, and bring the rest of the Beer Posse with me.

Beers on Tap:

  • Colleen’s Red •   Red Ale – Irish •   4.1% ABV •   24 IBU
  • Fireside Imperial Brown Ale •   Brown Ale – Imperial / Double •   10% ABV •   44 IBU
  • “I DO” Brew •   American Amber •   5% ABV •   29 IBU
  • Tice’s Shoal India Pale Ale •   IPA – New England •   6.5% ABV •   59 IBU
  • Gunner’s Ditch East Coast Dry IPA •   IPA – Brut •   6% ABV •   25 IBU
  • Smoked Winter Lager •   Lager – American •   5% ABV •   26 IBU
  • The Dark •   Stout – Irish Dry •   4.1% ABV •   36 IBU
  • Apripeño •   IPA – Brut •   6% ABV •   25 IBU
  • Velvet Chainsaw •   Brown Ale – Imperial / Double •   10% ABV •   44 IBU
  • Peanut Butter Stout •   Stout – Other •   4.1% ABV •   36 IBU
  • Amber Apple Pie Ale •   American Amber •   5% ABV •   29 IBU
  • LV-79 Barnegat Lightship- Bourbon Barrel Aged •   Other •   6% ABV •   32 IBU
  • Covfefe Ale •   Black IPA •   8.3% ABV •   71 IBU
  • Hard Left •   IPA – Black / Cascadian Dark Ale •   7% ABV •   71 IBU

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Amber Apple Pie Ale, “Nice aroma and definite apple pie taste”
  • The Stoutmeister – Velvet Chainsaw, “For a dark beer, it is surprisingly sweet!  You would not know it had 10% ABV.”

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Stoutmeister – Good bar area where interaction with other patrons is possible.
  • Pretzel – Very nice number of brews on tap, for such a small operation.
  • Pretzel – That bathroom hand-drier is a little low for those of us who are somewhat tall (or tallish).  But I really appreciated the handicap rails especially due to my walking boot.


Overall Pretzel Score (8.73 out of 10): 

Final Scorecard (click to open):  FryeBrewingCo2020

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