Flying Fish Brewing Company (Somerdale, NJ)

900 Kennedy Blvd
Somerdale, NJ 08083

Review date: 10/8/17

A scaled-down Beer Posse headed out for a nice Sunday afternoon to check out and review the Flying Fish Brewing Company in Somerdale.  Unlike most of the local breweries, you can find Flying Fish offerings in most of the liquor stores in South Jersey.  I consider Flying Fish and Cape May Brewery to be the upper echelon of our breweries in South Jersey.  They both have larger brewing facilities and are staples at all the beerfests the Beer Posse has attended.

Flying Fish is located just behind a nice shopping area (which gives DD’s an opportunity to drop off the drinkers and go on a shopping spree of their own).  It has ample parking.  You enter through the cavernous tasting room, with plenty of picnic tables, and a very nice bar area.  The wooden wall with the Flying Fish logo lit up in yellow is beautiful and impressive.  It’s my favorite logo display of all time!  Most of the patrons this afternoon were all crowded around the bar.  I must say the tasting room has a somewhat cold industrial feel to it.  Not at all cozy and conducive to chatting with strangers and soon to be new friends.  Not that the patrons were unfriendly, it’s just that everyone kind of gathered in their own private groups in various corners of the room or at the bar.  The crowd at the bar made it a little tough to get in to place our order, but Meghan the only bartender on duty spied us and cleared some room, so we could check out the beer list.  Now this is where Flying Fish truly excels.  They had 14 beers on tap with a variety that ranged from seasonal Octoberfish, fruit infused offerings such as the Exit 3 Braggot, and much to The Stoutmeister’s delight there was a nice chocolate stout and no coffee stout in sight.  (Yeah, don’t get him started…) The brews ranged in ABV’s from the 15% Exit 3 (my personal favorite, although I don’t know how many I could handle.  Hmmm…  might have to schedule another visit to test my tolerance.),  to the 4.6% Farmhouse Ale.  There was something for everybody!  Well, maybe not the Designated Driver’s, but hell, they can go shopping nearby and grab a coke.   The Stoutmeister and I like to try every beer during our tastings, and given that there were so many, B3, The Stoutmeister, and I decided to get 4 flights and share everything.  This worked out very well, as we methodically shared tasting on one beer at a time (so that we could be sure we all got our fair share and tried each one.  Usually I have to guard my flights from other Posse Members (usually B3 and The Rabbit).  That is why it is particularly important to pace yourself and strategically plan your potty breaks ahead of time unless you decide to schlep all your beers with you to the restroom.  If you have similar problems with your drinking buddies, do a potty run as soon as you get there, before you order your drinks.  It’s part of my strategy and works quite well.  Of course The Stoutmeister had to go several times, so we relied on his evaluation of the restrooms.  There was not a single brew that any of us disliked.

Flying Fish also has one of the best assortment of merchandise that I have seen.  The only one who has a larger store area (so far) was Beach Haus who had the entire ground floor of their establishment dedicated to their beer offerings, apparel, glassware, and other beer-type merchandise.  Flying Fish also has a dedicated store, with a wide assortment of merchandise.  In fact, I did a little early Christmas shopping.

My only disappointment is that there was no live brewery tour available this day.  Again, I’ll have to make another visit when they are giving their live tours.  I find their website quite impressive, particularly the information available for each beer.  Besides the standard ABV and IBU data, they include specifics on the hops, malt, and yeast used in the brewing process, as well as the appropriate food pairing suggestions.  Nice touch.

Flying Fish scored one of our highest review scores at 9.15.  Although the overall ambiance of the tasting room was not to our particular taste, it’s all about the beer, bout the beer, no cider!  Well done Flying Fish, I look forward to many more visits in the future.

Beers on Tap:

  • Octoberfish – Marzen
  • Abbey Dubbel – Belgian Dubbel (ABV 7.2%, IBU’s 9.1)
  • Ales for ALS – American Amber Ale
  • Extra Pale Ale – American Pale Ale (ABV 5.2%, IBU’s 11.2)
  • Farmhouse Ale – Blonde Ale (ABV 4.6%, IBU’s 15.1)
  • Exit 3 – Braggot Honey Ale with Bluyeberries (ABV 15%, IBU’s 10)
  • Exit 16 – Double IPA (ABV 8.2%, IBU’s 62)
  • Hopfish India Pale Ale – American IPA (ABV 6.2%, IBU’s 25.3)
  • Jersey Juice – American IPA (ABV 6%, IBU’s 33)
  • Redfish – Red IPA (ABV 7.0%, IBU’s 42)
  • Crafthouse Lager – American Lager
  • Exit 12 Malbock – Nelles Bock ( ABV 8%, IBU’s 17)
  • Exit 13 Chocolate Stout – Sweet Stout (ABV 7.5%)
  • Exit 4 – American Trippel (ABV 9.5%, IBU’s 23.8)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Abbey Dubbel and Exit 3
  • The Stoutmeister – Abbey Dubbel, Oktoberfish
  • B3 – Oktoberfish

Additional Posse Comments:

  • B3 – Very IPA/American Pale Ale Heavy.  Not my favorite brewery but very successful
  • The Stoutmeister – The chocolate stout really tasted like chocolate, not coffee!  Well done!
  • Pretzel – WOW!  14 beers on tap!  And all of them keepers!
  • Princess (Designated Driver) – Pass me those chips!



Overall Pretzel Score (9.15 out of 10):  

Final Scorecard (click to open):  FlyingFIsh

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