Cape May Ferry Beer Dinner (Cape May County)

Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Sunset Lounge, Cape May Terminal
1200 Lincoln Blvd.
North Cape May, NJ  08204

Review Date: 2/28/2020

Reported by: Pretzel

The Beer Posse headed down to Cape May to attend the Cape May – Lewes Ferry Beer Dinner.  They host several of these a year, and it’s been on my radar for some time now.  Our event featured Slack Tide Brewing company beers matched with a delectable gourmet 5-course meal.The Stoutmeister and I were joined by John MacBeer, The Queen of Funk, and our son, The Noodle.  Now I originally thought the whole event was going to be on the ferry, but it was held in the Cape May Ferry Terminal in the Sunset Lounge.  The lounge sits roughly 65 people at tables of 8.  At our table we were joined by a couple of fellow beer lovers, and we invited them to be guest reviewers of the event.  Thus “Bock to the Future” was born!  Be sure to check out their bio on our guest reviewers page.

The waiters/waitresses were very attentive in serving the food and the beer.  If you ran out of beer, you could request more.  At one point, The Noodle asked for another Milk Stout.  The barmaid brought over the can and asked if he was sharing.  A definitive “NO!” came out of his lips.  Yep, a chip off the old block.  You do not share good beer if you have a limited supply.  I think the meal was the best meal I have ever had!  I am not one who usually likes gourmet fare, but this meal was delicious without being overly done and swimming in thick sauces.  I’ll let you check out the menu below.  My favorite item on the menu (besides the beer) was the steak.  So tender and tasty!  Yum!  The venue was also very attentive to 2 of our party who had allergies to shellfish, and provided chicken medallions in lieu of the scallop course.  The chef would come out before each course and describe the cuisine.  Likewise, a rep from Slack Tide Brewing would describe the brew paired with each course.  In between courses, Slack Tide would have a drawing for Slack Tide swag including hats, tee shirts, coozies, etc.  Alas, I was sitting at a table with a bunch of losers (as usual)!  We did not win a single thing!

The only negative feedback from the review was that a couple people thought the event was a little pricey at $66.  I was okay with the price, a delicious 5 course meal, and plenty of good beer.  They are having another beer dinner on Friday March 27 featuring Cape May Brewing Company.  If you have that Friday evening open, I strongly suggest you attend this event.

Slack Tide Beers on Tap:

  • Angry Osprey IPA (ABV: 6.8%)
  • Schoolie Pale Ale (ABV: 5.6%)
  • Bell Buoy Belgian Blonde Ale (ABV: 7.3%)
  • Manatee Milk Stout (ABV: 5.7%)
  • Haywire Twist Plum, Currants, and Cranberry Sour

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • John MacBeer – Bell Buoy Belgian Blonde Ale, Angry Osprey IPA, Manatee Milk Stout
  • The Noodle – Manatee Milk Stout
  • Pretzel – Bell Buoy Belgian Blonde Ale, Manatee Milk Stout
  • The Stoutmeister – Bell Buoy Belgian Blonde Ale
  • Bock to the Future – Bell Buoy Belgian Blonde Ale, Manatee Milk Stout
  • The Queen of Funk – Angry Osprey IPA

Dinner Menu:

  • Appetizers:
    • Marinated olives & queso Manchego
    • Chorizo empanada
    • Paella Mixta croquette
  • Gazpacho
  • Scallops
  • Basque Txuleton Steak
  • Churro Con Chocolate

Additional Posse Comment:

  • John MacBeer – The staff was very accommodating.  Those of us who have shellfish allergies, were given chicken medallions instead of the scallops.
  • Bock to the Future – Great people at our table (a party of 6) made us feel very comfortable and welcome.
  • The Stoutmeister – Every course was introduced by the chef before serving.
  • Pretzel – Dang, our table did not win any of the Slack Tide swag give-aways!
  • The Queen of Funk – a little pricey at $66, but worth it.  I’d do this again
  • Pretzel – There was a different beer for each course!  You could also ask for more beer once your initial taster was finished.  The wait staff was very attentive.


Overall Pretzel Score (8.36 out of 10): 

Final Scorecard (click to open): CapeMayFerryDinner

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