2019 Wildwood Beer Fest (Wildwood, Cape May County)

Wildwood Beer Fest.  Since we did a complete review of this beer fest last year, we will provide you an update.  Please check the link section below for a link to last year’s review.

Beer Fest Date:  06/08/2019

Reported by:  The Rabbit

An all-male contingent of The Beer Posse made their way to the 5th Annual Wildwood Beer Fest.  This was the second time The Beer Posse attended the event, and just like last year, we had a great time.  Unfortunately, for her, our fearless leader Pretzel, was unable to attend, so we attached a headshot of her to a stick and photographic shenanigans ensued.

The beer fest was held in Fox Park, across the street from the boardwalk and convention center.  Due to the location, getting there early is a must as parking can be tricky to obtain.  There are two sessions, 12 – 4 pm and 6 – 10 pm (last call seems to be 15 minutes prior to the end of the session), which helps alleviate the long lines for each brewery.  However, there are two areas where long lines exist.

The first is the wait to get into the beer fest.  There are two workers that are checking everyone’s IDs before their admission tickets are scanned.  After the IDs are checked, there are two workers scanning the admission tickets.  Then entrance is completed by two workers giving wrist bands before attendees can get their tasters and finally be free to enter the festival for libations.

The second wait exists roughly 2 hours into the festival.  After many beer fests, I’ve learned to jump in line for the bathrooms well before the need even arises, let alone becomes dire.  At one point, the wait for the bank of port-a-potties extended past the stage, and the adjacent photo van, before ending in the middle of the first food truck.  With a wait like that I recommend either jumping in line early or develop some other means of discreetly purging.

Consistent with last year, all of the Brewers and some of the vendors (I didn’t get one this year, but shout out to the vendor that sells the “Day Drinking, Tacos, Naps” tee shirt) are under the tents.  More than that, all of the drinkers are under the tents as well which is a huge bonus to beat the elements.  Early June seems to work very well, weather-wise, for this beer fest.  If hanging out under the tents drinking for four hours, isn’t your thing, there are several other activities for your pleasure.  Animal House, the live band, provided sweet tunes throughout the first session.  Three cornhole sets were available to play on.  Hatchet throwing, provided by Zip and Bounce, and playing games of chance via a NJ Lottery kiosk were also available.

The Beer Posse will be keeping this event firmly in their social calendar.  Thank you for all the fond memories and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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