2018 Wildwood Beer Fest (Wildwood, NJ)

2018 Wildwood Beer Fest
Fox Park
Wildwood, NJ  08260

Festival Date:  6/9/2018

Reported by: Pretzel

An overcast Saturday in June found the Beer Posse heading “Down the Shore” to enjoy the Wildwood Beer Festival.  Since The Wrangler decided to take an extended bicycle tour down the east coast, we managed to pull in The Good Neighbor to babysit The Rabbit during the beer fest.  (The Stoutmeister and I are just too old and decrepit to keep up with that young whippersnapper!)  Besides, The Stoutmeister, B3, and I actually like to take out time and taste the beers.  It was an overcast day, with rain expected later in the afternoon.  We were hoping it would deluge the second session, and leave us warm and dry.  Our first challenge was parking.  OMG, have you ever tried to find parking on a Saturday in June “Down the Shore?”  Not an easy task, I assure you.  I think there was some antique car show as well as a motorcycle rally occurring at the same time!  But B3 prevailed and found us the only open car lot which had a space or two left, and it was only 2 blocks from the venue.  Not bad!

Loved the venue!  The band (Ned Ryerson and the Groundhogs) were ensconced on the stage, belting out great summer tunes.  Food, apparel, and other specialty vendors were all set up, and all the brewery reps with their delectable wares were set up under a row of large tents.  Good thing, because later in the afternoon, we did have some rain, but we were able to stay high and dry as we quenched our thirst on a very fine assortment of beers.  There were several picnic tables on the lawn, and the Beer Posse had brought along our own chairs, and staked them out between the band and the brew tents.

But for me, it’s all about the BEER!  The tents were not overly crowded, and you never had to stand in line for a sample.  There was a good assortment of local New Jersey brewers represented – Ship Bottom, Cross Keys, 7 Mile, Hidden Sands, 13th Child, Atco, Pinelands, Devil’s Creek, Double Nickel, Dark City, Ludlam Island, Spellbound, Kelly Green, Garden State, Demented Brewing, Eight & Sand, Tuckahoe, Lunacy, Flying Fish, Cape May Brewing, Slacktide, Bucket Brigade, Beach Haus, and Nale House.  Out of state breweries were well-represented as well, and I was particularly happy to see Kona Brewing and Modelo as they are some of my favorite beers.  The variety of beers offered was outstanding – Pilsners, Lagers, IPA’s, Sours, fruit beers, Blonde Ales, wheat beers, ciders, Belgian Tripels, Cream Ale, Brown Ales, Porters, Shandys, Session Ales, Hefewiezens, Witbier, Pale Ales, and more.  Plus, all the beer festers were well-behaved (even The Rabbit and B3), and were very friendly.

As the tired, but sated Beer Posse headed home, we stopped by the 3 Hammonton breweries (TomFoolery, 3 Threes, and Vinyl) so that The Rabbit and B3 could get their AC Beerfest passports stamped.  We even got a few growlers filled, so we didn’t go home empty-handed.


Thanks Wildwood!  See you next summer!


Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • The Stoutmeister – Ship Bottom, Blueberry Bikini Bottom, Demented Brewing – Sloth
  • The Rabbit – Kelly Green, Raspberry Jelly; Pinelands, Evan John Porter; Ship Bottom, Blueberry Bikini Bottom
  • The Good Neighbor – Pinelands, Evan John Porter
  • B3 – Ship Bottom, Blueberry Bikini Bottom
  • Pretzel – Ship Bottom, Blueberry Bikini Bottom

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Stoutmeister – This was a “better than expected” beer festival.  I would do it again next year depending on the time we have available.
  • The Rabbit – The tent covering with the rain was nice.
  • The Rabbit – Really liked that it wasn’t so crowded you couldn’t get a beer easily.
  • The Good Neighbor – It would have been nice to have cornhole sets available.
  • B3 – It was nice that large tents covered the beer areas.  Outdoor event success are so dependent on weather.
  • B3 – I saw t-shirts on sale after the beer fest at a discount.

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Overall Pretzel Score (7.69 out of 10):  

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