2019 AC Beerfest Passport

The 2019 Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival is continuing their “Festival Beers of New Jersey” Passport this year.  Once you signed up for the passport at the 2019 AC Beerfest, you were given a booklet of 57 New Jersey breweries, each with their own page (10 more than last year!).  The idea is that you visit each brewery in the passport, buy something, and received a stamp on their page of the passport.  If you fill the entire passport and mail it back to the festival organizers by March 2nd, 2020, you will receive a complimentary ticket to the 2019 Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival.

Please note – you had to sign up for the passport at this year’s festival to be able to participate.

Side note – Nomad Brewing is not yet open, but will be opening soon, so don’t go rushing off to Lumberton until you check their status.

Below is a google map presentation of all the passport breweries that I put together.  You may have to zoom out on some areas, since the breweries are very near each other (particularly in the Hammonton and Asbury Park areas).  Hope to see you at next year’s Festival.  I’ll be there with my free passport ticket!