13th Child Brewery (Williamstown, Gloucester County)

13th Child Brewery
345 S. Main St.
Williamstown, NJ  08094


Review Date: 10/21/2018

Reported by: Pretzel

The Beer Posse consisting of The Rabbit, The Wrangler, The Stoutmeister, Pretzel, The Good Neighbor, and The Tinkler headed over to Williamstown to check out the 13th Child Brewery.  The name and mural are based on the legend of The Jersey Devil, a mythical creature (unless of course you are a piney, then it’s a real phenomenon that tracks through the pine barrens) with large wings, the head of a goat, and cloven hooves (much like my prom date back in the 70’s, but that’s a story for another time).  Back in the 1700’s, the Leeds family lived in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, and had 12 children.  When Mrs. or Mama Leeds was delivering their 13th child, Mr. Leeds in frustration screamed “This child can go to the devil!”  At this time, the infant sprouted wings and cloven hooves, screeched a most ungodly sound, killed the midwife assisting with the birth, and then flew up the chimney and out into the cold winter night.  The Jersey Devil as it became know was accredited with carrying off livestock and small unattended children.  There are periodic sightings of this creature throughout the Pine Barrens (mostly around illegal bootleg and still sights).

The brewery is located in an old bank building on a triangular corner, which makes for a somewhat odd but interesting shape and layout of the building.  As you come in, there is a row of brightly polished chrome fermenters brewing away.  There is adequate seating, 2 bars, 2 clean bathrooms (according to The Tinkler, and she would know!).   5 TV’s above the bar were showing the menu, 2 were tuned in to the Eagles game, 1 was not on, and I can’t recall what was playing on the last set.  So, the Posse staked out a table, unpacked out plethora of snacks, and proceeded to the bar to claim our Groupon offers.  As a side note, 13th Child had a Groupon that offered 1 flight of beer samples, 1 empty growler (32 or 64 oz), and a pint glass for $20.  Awesome deal.  You should always check out Groupon for good brewery deals, the have a good number of them available.

There were 8 beers on tap, and many were growler-worthy.  So I put my empty 32 oz growler to good use!  What I particularly loved, was the ability to infuse your beer with Blood Orange, Tangerine, or grapefruit syrup flavoring.  My original favorite beer was Hemorrhaging Joes, until I bought a pint of the 50 Kilometer Kolsch infused with Blood Orange!  YUM!!!!  That became my new favorite beer of the day.  Kudos 13th Child!  I have not seen this instant infusion process available at any other brewery.

Most of the clientele were kinda quiet, eating pizza and watching the Eagles game.  The Eagles, who by the way, blew a 4th quarter 17 to zero lead to lose to the Carolina Panthers!  OMG!  Here we are the Superbowl Champions and we lost after a 17 point lead!  I can see I am still very bitter about the loss!  I think I need a Xanax.

Although there were 2 bars in 13th Child, there was only 1 bartender – Steve.  Needless to say he was very busy.  We asked about a tour of the brewery.  He pointed at the Fermenters on the side of the room, and said “That’s your tour.”  This was my only negative of the day.  I am all about the live tour!  I love seeing the equipment, and talking with the brewers.  But I will give him a slide on this one since he was the only one working at the time, and there always seemed to be a crowd at the bar looking for some good brews.

Thanks 13th Child for a lovely afternoon (with the exception of no live brewery tour, and the Eagles losing after a 17 point lead!  A 17 POINT LEAD!)

Beers on Tap:

  • Ain’t Nothing But A Beer Thing Baby – American IPA (ABV: 7.4%, IBU: 85)
  • Devils Wake – Blonde Coffee Ale (ABV: 8.5%)
  • Guns and Hoses – Marzen
  • Punk in the Trunk – Pumpkin Milk Stout (ABV: 7.4%)
  • Hemorrhaging Joes – Imperial Red Ale (ABV: 8.5%)
  • 50 Kilometer – Kolsch (ABV: 5.1%, 21 IBU)
  • Break It Frenchie – Saison Farmhouse Ale (ABV: 5.2%, IBU: 36)
  • Cascade Annie – American IPA (ABV: 6.9%, IBU: 85)

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • The Good Neighbor – Devil’s Wake Blonde Coffee Ale
  • Pretzel – 50 Kilometer Kolsch (infused with Blood Orange)
  • The Rabbit – Hemorrhaging Joes Imperial Red Ale
  • The Stoutmeister –  Hemorrhaging Joes Imperial Red Ale

Additional Posse Comments:

  • The Stoutmeister – I wish they had crowlers.  I like to keep the brews longer.
  • The Stoutmeister – Good tasting beer with a couple of growler-worthy brews.
  • The Rabbit – I thoroughly enjoy the brewery in an old bank.
  • The Good Neighbor – I loved the Devil’s Wake Blonde Coffee Ale.  Great coffee flavor in a lighter beer base.
  • The Wrangler – I like that they have fermenters on display as part of the decor.
  • Pretzel – nice decor, loved the Jersey Devil mural!
  • The Tinkler – 2 restrooms available.  Both very clean.



Overall Pretzel Score (8.4 out of 10): 

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