Avalon Brew Pub (Avalon, Cape May County)

79th Street & Beach Ave
Avalon, NJ  08202

Review Date: 5/25/18

Reported by:  Pretzel

As a pared-down subset of the Beer Posse (The Stoutmeister, The Rabbit, Pretzel), took part of our Memorial day weekend to try to get as many stamps as possible in our AC Beer & Music Festival beer Passport (which by the way, we hit 9 breweries in 1 day.  A new Beer Posse record!)… we took a detour to Avalon to check out the Avalon Brew Pub for a nice lunch.

The first thing we noticed was the lack of parking.  It appears most of the nearby parking was taken, or reserved for the nearby hotels and resorts.  Oh well, it is Memorial day weekend, and we were “down the shore”, so it was not exactly unexpected.  The Stoutmeister dumped The Rabbit and I at the door, and managed to snag a parking space 3 blocks away.  Of course as soon as he drove off, a public parking space opened up right by the Brew Pub’s front door.  Oh well, he needs the exercise.

This is definitely an upscale joint, and their decor is quite chic and imaginative.  The ceiling was covered with a large beer keg lighting feature (check out the picture gallery, as it’s hard to describe, and the picture does not do it justice).  Among the kegs were the round air vents that blended in very nicely.  The acoustics were very good.  The bar area along one wall sported several televisions with various sporting events in progress, yet the noise was very low, and you could enjoy a nice meal with conversation.  The Rabbit excused himself to visit the restroom, and came back very excited about the men’s room decor.  Apparently, they designed their urinals out of beer kegs!  Wow!  I made him go back to take a picture and text it to me.  (Again, see the photo gallery).  Later, I checked out the women’s room, but alas, there was no cool keg feature for us.  I made The Stoutmeister check the men’s room, so I could go in and see it first hand.  It was so cool!  The Stoutmeister had an epiphany and said “What comes from the Keg goes back to the Keg.”  That is so deep!

Melissa, our server was very personable and enthusiastic.  We started with one of their in-house brews.  OK, here’s where I am a little disappointed.  They usually only have 4 in-house brews available, but one kicked so we were down to 3.  Not a large selection, although their beer menu did include a few local offerings from Hidden Sands and 7 Mile.  We tried all 3 beers, and all preferred the Halfway IPA.  I also asked about a tour of the brewing facility, but that was not an option.  Bummer.  The beers were ok, but there was nothing memorable for our taste.  For appetizers, we ordered the soft pretzel with a delectable Dijon-horse radish spread, and the calamari with Old Bay and red onions.  The Rabbit and I thought the calamari was the best we’ve ever had!  Yum!  There was a good variety of offering for the Pub fare, with more gourmet-type entrees which were a little pricey.  We opted for the sandwich menu, and we very satisfied with our meals.

We quite enjoyed our lunch experience at The Avalon Brew Pub.  It’s not a place I’d go to specifically for the beer offerings, but the food is fabulous!  Well done Avalon Brew Pub!  I hope to visit again!

Avalon Brew Pub home brews on Tap:

  • Chill Pilz – Pilsner
  • We Don’t Play IPA
  • Half Way IPA

Other Local Beers on Tap:

  • Hidden Sands – Pump Handle
  • 7 Mile – 7MIPA
  • 7 Mile – IPL

Favorite Beers of the Day:

  • Pretzel – Half Way IPA
  • The Stoutmeister – Half Way IPA
  • The Rabbit – Half Way IPA

Additional Beer Posse Comment:

  • The Stoutmeister – Not enough parking.  I had to park 3 blocks away.
  • The Stoutmeister – A good variety of pub fare!
  • The Rabbit – Melissa, the waitress was very nice.
  • The Rabbit – I didn’t see any stouts or porters on the menu.
  • The Rabbit – Keg Urinal!!!
  • Pretzel – Loved the soft pretzel with dijon/horse radish sauce and onions!
  • Pretzel – very creative and stunning keg ceiling/light feature.


Avalon Brew Pub: http://www.avalonbrewpub.com/

Overall Pretzel Score (7.4 out of 10 beers):  

Final Scorecard (click to open):  AvalonBrewPub

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